15 Personal Things You Should Stop Sharing With Others


Despite the fact that it may seem like sharing certain personal items is not risky at all, the reality is, a number of these are a lot riskier than you would possibly assume.

We’re so used to being generous with our family members or closest pals that we don’t have any trouble sharing a few personal items.

Because we tend to consider these things to be harmless, we don’t see any reason to not share them with somebody who wants it at that moment.

But there are certain risks you have to understand that, despite the fact that you don’t see it, end up gathering pathogens that may transmit infections.

Some people don’t fully recognize what exactly they ought to avoid lending out, and why it’s essential to take those precautions.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of common objects, alongside their respective dangers. So, let’s check out some rather serious things that you should never share with others not even with your dearest ones.


Pillows can quickly become home to hair product residue, dead skin, bacteria and many others. While your personal pillow is okay, it could be harmful to other’s skin.